Tuesday, October 11, 2011

new blog new chapter

I just want to say thank you everyone who has read my blog and been so supportive! I've had people say the sweetest things to me and about me that I feel like I don't deserve. Thank you again! The point of this post is to tell some exciting news...

I'm engaged!!

I'm engaged to Cj Hunter who also volunteered for Rising Star with me January through April! I'm getting married in May. We're hoping to return back to India in a year or so to volunteer again. I will now be posting all about our life together (aka when we eventually return to India as well) on this blog:



  1. Congratulations to you both.
    I really hope that you continue to be very happy, you are clearly both very kind and loving.

    I thank you Audrey for your message, and I hope that with my new project underway you would permit me to give you a link to the work you are doing in India. Also could I know the names of the two people who's photos I used in the story?
    I think that it would be right to share their true identities along with the hope that they inspire.
    Once again you lovely pair, Well done!

    Love and Hugs,